Are You Hungry? Preserving Grandma's Recipes

My Grandma Ruth is my favorite human being in the entire world. She's smart, strong and hilarious. She's turning 21 this year (by 21, I mean 90, but that's neither here nor there) and is still the same firecracker she's always been. She plays cards and mah-jongg every week. She goes to happy hour with her friends all the time. She reads every single thing I write (even the things I kind of wish she wouldn't) and likes every photo my boyfriend posts on Instagram (yes, she has an Instagram account). When I call and ask her what she's doing over the weekend, she says something along the lines of "Oh, big plans. First, Clark Gable is coming to take me on a date. He's rented out the Rose Bowl and he's turning it into a ice skating rink. Oh wait, no, that's next weekend. This weekend I'm seeing a movie."

In true grandmother fashion, the first question she will ask upon your entering her house is, "Are you hungry?" And don't worry if you are, because she has a breakfast platter prepared. Don't worry if you aren't, either, she has a breakfast platter prepared and you can have just a half a bagel and three types of fish.

A website called Grandmas Project understands the connection between grandmothers and food. Their goal is to preserve recipes from grandmothers around the world. According to Smith Journal, "The aim is to produce a series of documentary films that focus on 30 grandmothers, explaining how to cook 30 of their best, time-tested recipes."

Jonas Pariente was inspired to create Grandmas Project when one of his grandmothers passed away around the time of his 30th birthday. Smith Journal says, "By showcasing these short films he hopes to preserve the legacy of our elders, whose advice we often only seek after it’s too late."

Bonus info: If your stomach is growling because you're thinking of some of your own grandmother's recipes (for me it's my Grandma's brisket), you should think about contributing. Smith Journal says, "There are only three rules: you must film your own grandmother, show one recipe, and edit it into one 8-minute film. Easy." You can apply here.