How to Prevent Blisters on Your Feet When Wearing High Heels

If you've ever worn heels, you've had a pair that looked great but left you with painful blisters.

But there are a lot of ways you can prevent them. Because you deserve to feel as fierce as you look.

Tip 1: Shoe Inserts

Shoe inserts help cushion your feet and lessens the impact as you walk. It's best to find the right insert and right fit for your foot after you buy your new shoes. They may have felt great at the store but if your prone to foot pain in certain areas, it's best to pre-pad your heels before wearing them out on the town.

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prevent blisters on your feet
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Tip 2: Bandaids

These trusty adhesives are a life-saver when you're in a pinch. The trick to using bandaids on your feet is to get the most padded ones you can find. Often times, I would double up by using both a bandaid and lubricant such as BandAid's Blister Block. Here are some great specialty bandaids that are specifically geared towards preventing blisters:

prevent blisters on your feet
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prevent blisters on your feet
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Tip 3: Lubricant

That brings us to the next trick. Using a lubricant on the backs and sides of your feet help reduce the friction when you walk. This gives your skin an extra layer of protection. Some great ones are:

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Vaseline is great for your lips, great for your skin and even more amazing at giving your foot that extra slip. So, you too can wear your heels without the gnarly blisters. Be careful though, the vaseline can damage your satin and leather shoes.

Another great one would be:

prevent blisters on your feet
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No matter your preferred method, these tips and tricks are sure to keep your feet blister free and happy. So strut, strut like the world is your runway because there's no stopping you now.