Betcha Can't Guess the Price of These Everyday Items

One of the biggest things most parents try to instill in their children is the value of a dollar: "You can’t have that doll because money doesn’t grow on trees." "You have to work X number of hours to earn Y number of dollars." "Everything costs money."

As adults, we know that what we want and need comes with a price. But have you ever stopped to think about the cost of the items we see out in the world? Don’t worry, I hadn’t either — but now that has pointed it out to me, I can’t stop pricing everything I see.

Dan Bergstein’s piece is a collection of the mundane, yet surprisingly priced, items one might see throughout their day. Items like a grocery store shopping cart (“expect to pay over $100 for a crappy one and $213.95 for the PolyCart P175 Store Cruiser.”) And those trashcans you find in the park ($700!!! Seriously!? That’s probably why you can never find one where you need it.)

Cost of everyday items

The list also includes some items you probably have never thought about. For example, those wide-angle mirrors that are in convenience stores so the clerk can see if you’re stealing. What’s the price of keeping you from taking a five-finger discount on a Snickers? $89.

Why would you possibly ever need to know this? Dan Bergstein has a few ideas: “Use this to study for The Price Is Right or as a way to turn boring conversations into brilliant fiduciary discussions.” Come on down!

Bonus info: If you're a crazy person like I am and want to go down a rabbit hole of industrial products you never think about, check out Global Industrial’s website. You’ll learn valuable first date fun facts such as the prices of a standard mail cart ($189.00) and set of 500 Red Infectious Waste Liners ($79.95).