Here's What Women Really Want From Their Jobs

Well, it turns out women want maternity leave and females in leadership roles. Yep, this report from Fairygodboss will blow your mind. Okay, you could have guessed a female-friendly work environment would make women happier. But the way they got this information is incredibly interesting.

Fairygodboss is an aggregator of women’s anonymous reviews of their employers. The site analyzed the data and found that the factors that lead to a woman’s professional happiness basically come down to pro-family policies and female leadership roles.

The report states that, “In more than 5,000 anonymous job reviews women have posted, 57 percent rated their job experience a 4 or higher on a scale of 1-5, where 5 represents maximum job satisfaction.” In culling through all of these reviews, they were able to get a sense of what factors were key to a higher job satisfaction.

They found that women, of course, are more satisfied at companies where gender equality prevails. As an example they quote a woman who works at at American Express: "Women are treated equally for promotions. There are still more male senior executives but it does seem like the company is devoting major efforts to promote women."

On the topic of family-friendly values and practices, the report quotes a vice president at ADP: "ADP has allowed me to provide for my family financially, and I have not ever missed anything for my children…which makes me run through brick walls for ADP."

I can see this kind of data being a great source for companies looking to help foster a great environment for their female employees, as well as offering a resource for job searchers. I couldn’t have wished for a better Fairy God Boss!

Bonus info: Check out Fairygodboss’ maternity leave resource center. It has state and international laws regarding maternity leave, statistics, and most impressively, a database of both publicly shared and user-added company specific policies.