Let's Talk About the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Casey Wilson and her friend Danielle Schneider talk about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on this podcast breaking it down like RHOC Heather Dubrow’s husband, Terry Dubrow, might break a nose for a nose job. (What? Too much?)

So, in this first episode they talk about David and Yolanda Foster’s divorce, joking about who is going to get custody of the refrigerator. (Have you seen her refrigerator? It's a glass refrigerator with shelves and baskets and beautiful produce hanging daintily over the baskets. It is a sight.)

In this episode they do a break down of the first episode of RHOBH and around the 15-minute mark question the authenticity of Kyle’s posh (see what I did here, RH fans?) Beverly Hills store.

“I’ve never seen anyone in the store,” Danielle says “And I want to say Kyle’s look to me is all like, beach cover ups and chains,” which is so funny and so sadly, true. Why does Kyle have her own clothing store? Because she has fans, maybe, who want to stalk her in L.A. and so they go to the store instead? It all confuses me. But the part I want them to get to is the Kim Richard’s piece because it’s been well documented that Kim Richards has been going in and out of rehab, that she ruined her daughter’s wedding, that she was arrested, and, oy, she’s off the show.

“I missed Kim,” Casey says, and I did too. For all the crazy Kim brings, there’s something so sweet and gentle about her. Casey also brings up an interesting point about Kyle and Kim’s relationship in that she thinks Kyle enjoyed being the woman with the “crazy” sister because “who is she without that?”

Obviously you have to follow and like the Housewives to listen to this podcast, but if you do, Bitch Sesh is for you.