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Emma Stone Has the Ultimate "Work Wife": Ryan Gosling

We all know Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone work well together. They have now starred in three movies playing each other's love interests. And while they play love well on screen, in real life Ryan Gosling has two daughters with his long-time love Eva Mendes, 42.

So if it's not a case of art imitating life, maybe the reason these two play love on screen so well is because it seems they really do work well together.

A "work wife" is something we all need in our lives.

If you're unfamiliar with the term, a "work wife" is the person you complain to, vent to, and generally emotionally rely on at work to help you with all your non-work related problems. Basically, your work wife is your office best friend, they are what keeps us sane on the busy days, the slow days, and all the days in between.

Looks like Emma and Ryan have found theirs, and we all benefit.