'I Have a New Mom and She Really Cares About My Oral Health'

I love my mom. In fact, I really like her a lot too. I legitimately consider her to be one of my best friends.

All of that being said, she has been replaced.

Electric toothbrush company Goby has launched a new service, called "Texts From a Mom," that has real moms text you to remind you to brush your teeth.


Goby is an electric toothbrush and replacement-head company with a goal of changing American's oral health for the better.

"Thirty-one percent of Americans are only brushing their teeth once a day," Goby's founder Ben Goldberg tells Spring St. "It's recommended you brush twice a day minimum."

So how do you get people to brush more often?

Goldberg says the idea to bring moms into the mix came up during a brainstorming meeting with the whole Goby team, when someone recalled that as a kid it was her mom who provided her constant reminders to brush regularly.

Everyone kind of laughed but there was something to it.

So Goby began assembling moms—many of whom are moms to Goby employees—to help people practice better dental hygiene.

And Texts From a Mom was born.

Right now the service has six moms who will text you up to three times a day to make sure you're not skipping a brush.

Don't worry, I signed up.

Image provided by oral health

I hadn't brushed my teeth after lunch. In fact, I never brush my teeth after lunch. But that day I did. I went to my car where I have a toothbrush in my glove compartment for such emergencies and gave my teeth a good brushing.

I sent back proof:

Image provided by good brusher.


My new mom seemed happy with me:

Image provided by an even better brusher.

After my interaction, I asked Goldberg if the moms have had any fun interactions. He said someone sent a photo of their mouth.

Suffice it say, I think my new mom likes me.

When I told my friends that a mom, not my mom, was texting me to remind me to brush my teeth more often, they were understandably confused.

As much as I tried to explain that signing up to have a complete stranger mom who is tangentially related to a toothbrush company text me to tell me to brush my teeth isn't weird, they just didn't seem to get it.

I got a lot of questions about whether I was paying for this service (I'm not), if the company was trying to sell me anything (its not), and what qualifications these moms have to talk to anyone about teeth (none).

Goldberg says the company doesn't tell the moms what to say. "They know because they're moms and this is what they do." He also don't pay them. These moms do this out of the kindness of their mom-hearts. Knowing that adds a layer of guilt which the

Knowing that adds a layer of guilt which the moms can then use to push you to brush more often. Over the week I got messages from my new mom reminding me to brush in other mom ways.

For example, on Friday she texted:

"Good morning! Do you have plans this weekend? Whatever you do, don't forget to brush!"

And you know what? I didn't forget.

So, thanks mom.

You can sign up for Texts From a Mom here.