White Tattoos Are the Next Big Thing, Even Kate Moss Has One

We've noticed a new trend in body art all the celebrities are getting on board with: white tattoos.

Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan are just a few sporting the subtle ink.

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So how do they work?

White-ink tattoos are applied like any other colored ink tattoo. They're just as painful and can be applied to any skin or pigment. According to Ink Done Right they have a tendency to fade faster, especially on darker pigments.

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White tattoos also call for extra TLC in the healing stages. Otherwise you run the risk of paying top dollar to get what looks like an elaborate scare scrawled across your body.

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We love white tattoos because they're extra subtle, but can still have elaborate details. If you're really committed to getting a tattoo but afraid of how your ink will look in contrast to your corporate attire or with your wedding dress, white ink could be the alternative tattoo option you've been looking for.

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When first applied, white ink tattoos appear to glow on the skin, however according to Ink Done Right the white will fade over time taking on grayish, greenish or even translucent hues. You've been warned.

Everyone who gets a white tattoo runs the risk of their design been perceived as a scar.

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For people with pale skin, white tattoos can appear almost completely invisible. But that doesn't stop the fair haired from lining up to get theres.

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If you really want a white tattoo, we suggest doing a lot of research and going to a tattoo artist who specializes in white ink. Smaller tattoos can appear more like scars, so think big and go for something detailed like this:

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If you're still on the fence with this one, a great alternative to permanant white ink is white henna.

Henna has a deeper and richer color, which will contrast better with your skin. Henna tattoos can last up to a month, they're much cheaper and completely pain free.

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Whether you choose permanent or temporary white ink you will be the main attraction under any UV light.