New Fitness Trend: Throwing Tantrums Like Your Two-Year-Old Self

You know that satisfying feeling you get when you get behind the wheel and start cursing at the douchebag who cuts you off in the crosswalk?

That cathartic sense of release is good for you, apparently. So good for you, in fact, that there's now an exercise movement focused on releasing rage.

At Tantrum Club, women work out by shouting, bashing stuff and balloon-popping like crazy in a safe, controlled environment.

Throwing tantrums
That pent-up rage is bad for your mind and body, apparently. (Photo: iStock)

"You will put on goggles, gloves and take a baseball bat in your hand. You will then beat the beanbag/styrofoam squares or foam bags whilst shouting and screaming loudly at it," the Tantrum Club website describes.

"You will feel exhilarated, tired, exhausted and spent," it continues. "Once done and feeling calm again, you will go home and drink tea."

Sounds kinda cathartic, doesn't it?

The club was started by trauma specialist Adele Theron in the United Kingdom after she discovered that "there was no avenue for women to truly let go and express themselves".

"Swallowing back your emotions in all the things that happen every single day vs. actually feeling those emotions and having a right to your emotions is causing an epidemic of stress-related illnesses in the U.K," the website claims.

throwing tantrums
"You will feel exhilarated, tired, exhausted and spent," the movement claims. (Screenshot:

It continues: "Your fatter bum, stress lines on your forehead, general morose feeling of resignation and even your feelings of gloom are to do with the fact that you are just SO DAMN SUPPRESSED."

Conversely, letting out all that pent-up rage leads to stress reduction, weight loss and a more youthful-looking appearance. Or so Tantrum Club's devotees claim.


Throwing tantrums
Suppressed rage leads to depression and even weight gain, according to Tantrum Club's founder. (Screenshot:

It's intriguing. And tempting. And rather fun-sounding, right?

Someone hand me a baseball bat, already.