Important Question: Are Unflattering Pants a Look Now?

If you've ever watched America's Next Top Model, you've heard Tyra Banks utter the term "ugly pretty"—a phenomenon that occurs when models do/wear something "unflattering" in the name of Fashion.

It's confusing. But it seems the trend is now infiltrating our everyday lives.

You've probably seen countless women sporting what are referred to as "mom jeans". The loose-fitting, high-waisted pants were once made fun of by Tina Fey in an SNL sketch because of how unflattering they are.

But then mom jeans got massively popular, and now it's rare to walk down the street without seeing a pair.

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And now other types of ill-fitting pants have become trendy as well.

New York magazine's The Cut gave readers an array of "unflattering" options for summer. And there are many, because they now seem to be offered by every popular brand in existence.

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I am woman enough to admit that I myself have been seduced by this trend. But can you blame me?

Before the rise of the unflattering pant, I had jeans fatigue. Because for some reason, the clothing item most commonly worn to the grocery store or a baseball game was marketed almost exclusively as a "sexy" garment—with ad campaigns featuring half-naked women in painted-on denim that looked neither comfortable nor attainable.

But in the newly minted reign of the unflattering pant, we're being told something else. Our clothing can not only be comfortable but worn without the purpose of attracting sexual attention. Wow! Groundbreaking!

It's about time.

Here's to a summer of loose-fitting pants.