This Quick Video Shows You the Proper Way to Apply Your Skin Care

Not all skin care is created equal.

And by that, I mean each product requires a different method of application.

It may seem silly, but because each product contains a unique formula intended for varying skin issues, the techniques for using each are important. These methods help your skin absorb each product—and prevent premature wrinkling.

It's a lot to remember, so Sephora recently released a simple, helpful tutorial on its Instagram to guide us through the process.

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Tap on eye cream

properly apply skincare
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By using the tips of your fingers to gently tap product above and below the eye, you avoid pulling and tugging that can lead to fine lines and other damage.

Try Ecco Bella Natural Eye Nutrients Cream ($41.95) for an antioxidant-rich formula that's ideal for sensitive skin.

Press in essence

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Pour your essence lotion into your hands, rub together, then press your palms into your cheeks, forehead and chin to distribute the product evenly.

Try Origins Original Skin Essence ($29) for a boost of extra hydration and glow.

Pat on serum

properly apply skincare
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Gently pat in serum all over the face with your fingertips.

Try Glossier Super Pure ($28) to soothe redness and flush out impurities. 

Smooth on moisturizer

properly apply skincare
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Warm your moisturizer in your hands, then gently smooth all over the skin, using a slightly firmer pressure than for your serum and essence. Upward and outward strokes are most beneficial for your skin.

Try Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream ($65) for a gentle formula that helps repair damaged skin. 

Happy cleansing.