Here's Why Having It All Means Having Less

Amy Westervelt is a mom, wife and career woman. She has it all, and it sucks. Westervelt touches on something that has needed to be addressed for too long. Raising a family, working hard and feeling sane while you do it is an incredibly hard task to accomplish. Westervelt is aware of how lucky she is. “I am a white woman with a college education. I am married. I live in a beautiful little town in the mountains. I have a career I genuinely like. I am one lucky bitch.”

But, as she hilariously explains her day-to-day life, filled with diapers, piles of laundry and congratulating herself for not telling anyone she works with that she has just had a baby, Westervelt concedes that the dream life she has attained for herself is nearly impossible to actually maintain.

“Stop telling women they can have everything without sacrificing anything. Here’s the truth: You want to have a career and kids? You totally can, but both will suffer. You will never feel like you are devoting enough time to either. You will never feel like you are good enough at either.” Sounds harsh, but it gets better.  

women can't have everything

What really needs to change is the way society treats women who choose to stay at home with kids, rejoin the workforce or opt out of having children altogether.

“I’m saying let’s make it okay for women to admit they’re pregnant, or take a little bit of time off to recuperate from having a baby without having to worry about tanking their careers. Let’s redefine 'having it all' or better yet let each woman define for herself what the best version of her life might look like.” I completely agree. Women need to stop feeling pressured to be the ones who change. It's time for society to catch up.