If You Can't Strike Today, Try Doing These Radical Things Instead

As you probably know, today is International Women's Day—a day in which we celebrate women of all ages, ethnicities and sexualities.

But March 8 is also the day of A Day Without a Woman strike, a follow-up to the worldwide Women's March that occurred the day after President Donald Trump's inauguration in January.

The  strike is meant to bring awareness to "the enormous value that women of all backgrounds add to our socio-economic system."

Women are encouraged to abstain from paid and unpaid labor, while those who are unable to strike are encouraged to wear red in solidarity and support small business founded by women.

But we think there are a few other things non-striking women can do today.

Stop apologizing

We've all apologized when we have something to say in a meeting, or when someone's in our way, or any other reason that makes no sense and yet we still feel compelled to say Sorry.

Today, let's not apologize unless we've actually made a mistake and true mean to ask for forgiveness.

Today and every day.

Speak up

The hashtag #WhatIWishISaid has been circulating around Twitter as a way to expose the everyday sexism women face—and give us a chance to voice any thoughts previously stifled.

Let's put it to use today.

Say no to things

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We don't mean you be shouting a resounding NO! to everyone in your life (although that is quite tempting).

What we mean is that for those of us who feel pressured to give our time to people and things that don't truly deserve it, just say no.

And if you want to use your newly freed time to go home, get into your Snuggie, and eat cheese, we won't judge.


Wear whatever the hell you want

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Wear a plunging neckline. A long skirt. A hijab. A bikini. A space suit. A 19th-century renaissance gown. A Lady Gaga wig.

Wear whatever you want, because the clothes we choose to put on our bodies are our choice alone.

To Nasty Women everywhere, today is ours.