The Dangers Hidden in Everyday Home Objects

The outside world is dangerous. A bus could hit you on the way to work. You could get food poisoning from the deli down the street. A guy could attack you in the park while you’re running. The outside world is scary! That’s what makes home so appealing. It’s your domain, your safe haven.

Well, sorry, it’s trying to kill you too.

This Bustle article by Gina M. Florio points out nine things in our homes that are trying to kill us. Thankfully, the article also offers some ways to make our homes cleaner and healthier.

Florio’s article covers all sorts of hidden death traps in our homes — including the bacteria in our refrigerators. Apparently just throwing out our week-old Chinese food isn’t enough to really kill the germs. There is an electric coil in your freezer that melts every few hours and the liquid goes into a pan. “If you haven't given that pan some TLC in a while, there is dust in there; so when the liquid evaporates from the pan, it carries the dusty grime across your home, perhaps gifting you with a phlegmy cough," Florio explains.

I have never cleaned that pan. Ever. Seriously ever.

Apparently your blender is also trying to kill you. As Florio puts it, “I too thought blenders were the ultimate representation of healthiness. But apparently, if you're not cleaning out that machine after every use, you're inviting some nasties into your system.”

Basically, everything in your house needs to be cleaned more and not just tidied. CLEANED.

Also, we’re all going to die.

Bonus info: Possibly the scariest of the nine things listed in Florio’s article is the secret murder machine that is your showerhead. Yes, your showerhead. The thing you rely on to get you clean is actually full of bacteria. “A study across nine American cities showed that 30 percent of people's shower heads carried scarily high amounts of a group of bacteria called Mycobacterium avium," she explains. "Researchers found that, compared to the rest of the household, the water dripping out of the shower heads had 100-times more of this particular bacteria that the rest of the house's H2O.”

I give up.