10 Useful Food, Fitness and Movie Websites You Didn’t Know Existed

Remember what life was like without the internet?

Lol, no.

From what I've heard, it involved shelves of dusty encyclopedias, walking a mile and a half in the mud to the neighboring farm, and actually usingwait for ityour brain to solve your problems.

These days, who has the time to call up Rachel's cousin's half sister's boyfriend who works in IT when your laptop is having a moment?

Or pick up a recipe book to plan your weekly meal prep?


Although one could argue that technology is more often than not the cause for a number of our problems, it makes sense for us to use it to our advantage when we can.

Therefore, behold: Here are our 10 favorite websites to help you maintain the fragile pretense that is your reputation as a functioning adult.

10 Minute Mail

10 Minute Mail is the online shopping hack you knew you needed, but didn't know could even exist. This site allows you to create a new email address that will expire in 10 minutes, meaning you can keep redeeming that "first time customer" discount.

Have I Been Pwned

Put simply, Have I Been Pwned can tell you in less than 10 seconds if your nudes family photos, email addresses, websites or social media accounts have been hacked.

What The F*ck Should I Make For Dinner

It's the question we ask ourselves every. damn. night. Basically, this website gives it to you straight, spitting out a random recipe in a way that makes dinner time NSFW.

And if you don't like what it gives you? Just ask for another one.

My Fridge Food

Along similar lines as above, but for those who are a little more helpless in the kitchen. Perfect for when opening the fridge is about as inspiring as a wet sock, My Fridge Food shows you how to work with the random food items you've got.

Unfortunately, the site has not yet managed to build an update where these meals magically appear in front of you.

Fridge, meet dinner. (Image via myfridgefood)
Fridge, meet dinner. (Image via My Fridge Food)

A Good Movie To Watch

Hands up: Who spends more time arguing over what to watch on Netflix than they actually spend…watching Netflix? A Good Movie To Watch does exactly what it saysfinds you a good movie to watch. Categorized by mood, random and new to Netflix, you'll find what you're looking for here.


Forget Pinterest, Instructables takes it to the next level when it comes to all things DIY. The gist: People make stuff, then they share exactly how they did it so you can too.

Get Cold Turkey

This one is for when you really need to buckle down and bang out that essay/report/budget/errands. Get Cold Turkey works by blocking out all distractions on your desktop (think Facebook, Kmart, PS4, Instagram) for an allocated period of time and replacing them with a sassy quote to remind you to get back to work if you even dare try and stray off task.

Tone It Up

If you need some free and useful workout tips and healthy recipes, check out Tone It Up. It's very upbeat, and Karena and Katrina post hundreds of free workouts and recipe videos to give you all of the #fitspo.


Down For Everyone Or Just Me

As the name suggests, type the URL of the website that's not working into this website to find out if it's down for everyone, or if it really is just you. It's ideal, say, if you're trying to access a certain illegal torrent on a certain illegal torrent website…not that any of us here would do that.


With Splitwise, awkward encounters surrounding 'who owes who' among friends are a thing of the past. You can create groups to keep track of expenses, and there's also a handy mobile app for punching things in on the go. Straightforward, honest and open. Just like all conversations about money should be.

This post originally appeared on Mamamia, Spring.St's Australian sister site. You can read it here.