2017 Runway Style Trends You Might Actually Wear

Runway style: we love to look at it, we don't love to wear it.

Not that we wouldn't like to be in a position in which the world's top designers are clamoring for the chance to dress us, but in every day life, the majority of their styles just don't work for us.

While works of art, they're often impractical when it comes to putting them on our bodies and actually going about our lives.

As it seems, a decent chunk of the spring 2017 runway styles are actually quite wearable. We might have to tone them down a bit for a day at the office, but these trends hold up.


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Louis Vuitton's Spring 2017 collection featured a great deal of sequins and metallics, giving us full 80s vibes. While a blazer embellished with gold sequins might be a tad too much for the office, there are more subtle ways to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe.

This clutch from Express is a tad more understated, yet makes for a bold touch to an otherwise simple ensemble.

via Express


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Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.

Yes, we know that this is hardly an original trend, but we have to admit that it's a timeless one. And if we can get away with wearing a pretty floral dress without looking like a toddler, we're going to do that.

This one from ASOS should help:

via ASOS


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Pinstripes are a super classic look, so it's not surprising that they're cropping up on the 2017 runways.

Check out this super comfy looking silk pinstripe top from Equipment:

via Equipment


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When done right, ruffles can add a playful vibe to an outfit. When done wrong, you end up looking like Jerry Seinfeld in the infamous pirate shirt.

ruffle-sleeved top from J. Crew is perfect for spring:

via J. Crew

Oversized sweaters

Anything item of clothing that maximizes clothing, we're about.

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This giant cozy thing from H&M looks heavenly:

via H&M

From the looks of it, we'll be embracing runway fashion in 2017.