Pinterest's Top Style Trends for 2017 All Seem to Be Going Back in Time

As much as we may like to think we're above trends, everyone secretly loves them. And what's more, wants to be the first to know about them.

In aid of all of us, Pinterest has released their official trend report for 2017, "Pinterest 100". It predicts the fashion, food, and home trends for the coming year.

There's a fair amount of carry-over from trends we saw in 2016, but there's also some surprising ones we didn't see coming. And all of them seem to be going back in time. After a strange year, tastemakers are feeling nostalgic about all things old-time—from '90s threads, to rustic farmhouses.


1. Bell sleeves

A photo posted by Rachel Barkules 👯 (@rachelbarkules) on

So pretty.

2. Pins, patches and stickers

A photo posted by Sarah Benning (@sarahkbenning) on

Makes it easy to repurpose an old jacket or pair of jeans.

3. Slip dresses

A photo posted by Alex van Os (@op_shop_to_runway) on

The '90s are back.

4. Camel coats

A photo posted by MJ (@nyctoparis) on

A wardrobe staple now and forever.

5. Distressed denim

A photo posted by @tiana_mihajlovski on

It can be a put together look when paired with the right accessories.


1. Fruit as a meat substitute

A photo posted by Andrew (@seitandrew) on

This looks like meat, but it's not—it's fruit. (Jackfruit, to be specific.) Yes, this is very weird.

2. Set-it-and-forget-it cooking

A photo posted by Meghan Tarry (@meghanpaigetarry) on

Practically designed for busy moms.

3. Vegetable chips

A photo posted by Alicia Ee (@charmsweets70) on

Like regular chips, but better for you. (So you can eat the whole bag.)

4. Quinoa bowls

A photo posted by Max and eli (@thesussmans) on

Looks like the quinoa craze isn't going anywhere.

5. Octopus

A photo posted by Celeri Rouge (@celerirouge) on

Apparently it's very easy to cook.


1. Climbing indoor plants

A photo posted by The Green Depot (@the_green_depot) on

Bringing the outdoors inside can make for a soothing atmosphere.

2. Navy blue

A photo posted by Melinda Hartwright (@melindahartwrightinteriors) on

Accent walls, decor pieces, etc.

3. Reclaimed wood tiling

A photo posted by Meg Jels (@meg.jels.designs) on

Rustic kitchens are the best kitchens.

4. Make-your-own nightstands

A photo posted by Joel Rousseau (@joelr28) on

If you're going to delve into DIY, start with a nightstand—it's quite simple.

5. Farmhouse style

A photo posted by Natalie Kolter/ Vintage Porch (@vintageporch) on

See above note re. all things rustic. This trend has been around for awhile, but is expected to continue into 2017.

So get moving—or at the very least, hunting for some new pins.