'This Is 40 Weeks Pregnant, Unfiltered'

Despite how Beyoncé makes it look, pregnancy is not always sunshine and roses—especially at 40 weeks pregnant. It can be frustrating, uncomfortable, and difficult.

More and more moms are getting honest about the realities of pregnancy and motherhood, and Kristin Niemi is one of them.

Niemi is the founder of Studio Art + Yoga, a platform based on the "idea that yoga can be practiced, and art can be found, anywhere, making anywhere your studio."

She has a substantial Instagram following, probably because she does badass things like this crazy yoga pose while very pregnant (in a blizzard, no less):

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She recently posted a particularly inspiring selfie of her 40-week pregnant stomach. It's not a perfect basketball. It's a human stomach that has expanded to accommodate another human being. It's covered in stretch marks and a rash, and she's not hiding it.

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The caption reads:

"This is t . It's impatience. It's the overwhelming desire to finally meet him after 10 long months. It's a belly full of stretch marks and the itchiest rash ever. It's hips that ache. It's gaining 40 lbs. It's heartburn always. It's an emotional rollercoaster. And yet, it's still pretty darn beautiful."

Clearly, like a lot of things in life, pregnancy is not always a walk in the park—but it makes the end result all the more worthwhile.