We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off This 66-Year-Old Pole Dancer

Greta Pontarelli is living proof it's never too late to go after your passions.

The 66-year-old gymnast, dancer, and martial artist began pole dancing after her office job began taking a toll on her body.  And though it's hard to believe when you're watching her mesmerizing routines, Pontarelli took up the craft less than a decade ago, age 59.

"After years of having children and a web-based job where I sat far too much, I realized the need to become proactive to ward off osteoporosis and optimizing my health," she wrote on her .

"It was in 2010 when my journey as a pole artist began and since then it had become a perfect conduit for my mission."

 recently featured Pontarelli in a video on their page, in which she shows off her skills and discusses her journey to wellness through pole dancing.

"I realized that I needed to get out there and do something because I wanted longevity," she explains.

Pontarelli says pole dancing was extremely difficult for her at the beginning, and her first instructor didn't think she'd be back.

But she persisted, and is now able to achieve moves she never thought possible.

"I think what happens is you get little victories, all of a sudden you go 'Oh, I got this move,' or, 'Oh, now I'm able to climb up half way.'"

Her challenges have not just been due to physical restrictions. She's also had to confront the unfair stereotypes placed on someone her age:

"As a 66-year-old pole artist I am faced with numerous challenges, but those challenges have become my thrusting block for inner growth and to serve others. More important than my medals is the opportunity that the stage provides to help manifest my mission to inspire others to not let age or any limitation stand in the way of our dreams."

What a hero.