'Dangerous Curves': The Documentary About Plus-Size Pole Dancers

Plus size women are consistently proving that they belong wherever they want, regardless of what society has told them.

, plus size pole dancer, is one woman breaking these stereotypes. She's the subject of a documentary entitled Dangerous Curves, which explores the world of curvy dancers.

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Mays has made a name for herself as a personal trainer and pole dancing instructor, drawing significant attention after the making of Dangerous Curves.

The film was shot by Merete Meuller, an old friend of Mays, who became fascinated and inspired by the work she was doing.

dangerous curbes
via The New York Times

At the start of the film's production, Mays had lost jobs due to photos of her pole dancing surfacing online. But now, pole dancing as an art is becoming more widespread, thanks to trailblazers like her.

Mays encourages women to forge a new relationship with their bodies through pole dancing and through her classes, in an attempt to change the way we approach fitness.

dangerous curves
via The New York Times

Her message is an important one, and Mays will undoubtedly continue to inspire women of all sizes to pursue what makes them happy.