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73 Questions With Victoria Beckham

Like most women my age, I was brought up with a healthy dose of girl power and "." The Spice Girls bring me a lot of joy to this day, so I was excited to see that Victoria Beckham was participating in Vogue's 73 questions series. I love the Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, and Reese Witherspoon editions, so I knew Posh Spice would bring it.

I love Victoria Beckham's post-Spice Girls life. She's doing incredibly well for herself with her successful clothing line, marriage to David Beckham and four children, but it's like she's still playing the character of Posh Spice. She's so good at the whole not-smiling-and-perfectly-perfect-hair thing that a lot of people think she's really like that…but I'm pretty sure she's just Zig-a-zig-ah-ing.

Victoria is asked 73 rapid-fire questions while walking around her clothing store in London. She cheekily covers everything from secret talents ("I used to be able to juggle,") to the best fashion secret she's ever learned ("Less is more,") to the definition of misery ("Kathy Bates.") When asked why she never smiles, Victoria says, "I’m smiling on the inside—I feel that I have a responsibility to the fashion community." See? Posh lives!


I love the moments of Posh-ness, but I also really like when she reminds you that she's a wife and mother. She's asked what her children have taught her and she says, "How to play football in the house, and how to love unconditionally." And answers, "My husband," when asked who, of anyone alive or dead, would she take on a date.

My favorite moment comes when the interviewer asks Victoria, "If your life were a movie, what would the title be?" Victoria answers with her signature deadpan, "The Hunger Games." Seriously, how can anyone think she's not in on the joke!?

Bonus info: After seeing Victoria Beckham's video, comedian Holly Burn produced a spoof version. Check out her version, which takes place not in a pristine boutique but in a corner bodega, .