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Old-Fashioned Love Advice From Grandparents

Imagine a world without Tinder. Without online dating. Without the Internet! Now imagine finding a person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with.

It sounds impossible doesn’t it? Well it’s not, because grandparents did it. Maybe not your grandparents, but a lot of people’s grandparents did it and Buzzfeed Yellow wants you to know how they did it. In a video entitled “Grandparents Give Love Advice,”  wise grandparents give advice to their unlucky-in-love grandchildren. In the process we all learn a little bit about old school love.

Who pays for dinner? The man should ALWAYS pay.

When should you introduce your significant other to your family? On the first date of course.

The older generation's advice seems dated, but it’s definitely worked out for their generation. Many of them have been married for not years, but decades!

When asked how to keep the magic alive the grandparents offer advice like, “Invite her to dinner.” That’s solid advice, no matter what year it is. Girls love dinner!

My favorite part of the video is when one of the grandmas is asked if you should wait until marriage to sleep with someone? Her answer was of course yes, because she’s “old fashioned.” Her granddaughter’s response was an awkward: “Nope.”

old-school love advice

It’s obvious that the two generations are playing with two different playbooks, but it’s nice to watch the younger generation listen to the older. The only advice my grandfather ever gave me was, “Make sure you know how to make a martini. No man wants a woman that can’t make a good martini.”

Bonus info: Betty White is considered by many to be America’s Grandma. So she probably has some great advice for dating in today’s world right?

"Avoid tweeting any photos of your private parts." – Betty White on The Late Show with David Letterman in 2011.

Words to live by.