College Sweethearts: A Transgender Love Story

When Liam Lowery and Marisa Carroll were students at Fordham, Liam tried to give Marisa a kiss. She pushed it away; they were friends, not going on a date! But she couldn’t get him out of her head.

They started flirting again on Facebook and went out for a real date. They fully made out. But there’s another layer to this cute couple—which is that Liam is transgender.

In College Sweethearts, he talks openly about how he wasn’t received so well after he came out after high school so he changed it all. Even on social media, he became a new person.

“Yeah, I just deleted everyone, because when I came out at the end of high school, I didn’t receive a lot of good feedback from people who I thought were my friends," Liam says. "So I just thought, let’s burn it down, let’s start over.” He was still transitioning around the same time he met Marisa. They were dating for about six months and Liam suddenly broke up with her.

they are in love

This is where it gets so confusing for both of them. Before Marisa met Liam, she thought of herself as straight. But when she met Liam, he was already trans. They talk a little bit about the influence of social media, that Marisa wasn’t ready to have Liam post on her Facebook wall because that was just too much for her, it was too complicated. So they broke up. But it was a torment for both of them.

I can't imagine how hard this must have been. They’re in love but are distracted, in a way, about social norms and the gender piece of it. It was huge and confusing, but then all of a sudden, very clear. So they committed 100 percent.

There are so many interesting pieces to this podcast that are new to many of us. Especially from Liam and Marisa. They talk openly about what it was like for Liam to go on testosterone and start growing hair everywhere. About their sex life. About how hard that transition was for both of them.

Anna Sale, the host of the show, also speaks to other trans men and women. There’s so much we as a public have to learn about the trans community, and it’s incredibly impressive how clear Liam, Marissa and the others who share their stories in this podcast.