The Rug Alarm Clock That Stops You From Hitting Snooze

There are two types of people in the world: Morning people and the rest of us.

Waking up is hard no matter how many hours of sleep you get. The alarm goes off and you snooze and grumble and think about canceling plans or quitting your job. Then 20 minutes go by and now you’re late and rushing through your morning.

The worst part is, you know you’d feel better if you had just gotten up when the alarm first went off.

Bridget Mallon of House Beautiful magazine wants to help. “Enter, Ruggie," she says. "It's the latest attempt to turn night owls into morning people, and we have to admit, this one sounds kind of brilliant.”

Ruggie is an alarm clock that’s built into a small rug. You keep Ruggie next to your bed, and when the alarm goes off you have to physically get out of bed and stand on the rug for a minimum of three full seconds (you can program it to add more time) before it will stop ringing.

Doesn’t that sound awful? If you’re like me you’re thinking about how quickly you would get back in bed after Ruggie stopped ruining your life. Mallon notes that, if that's the case, you might want to place Ruggie farther away from your bed so you’re forced to walk a small distance to turn it off.

Welp, looks like I’m getting up.

Ruggie has already met its fundraising goal on kickstarter. Its estimated retail price will be $99.

Bonus info: For those that need a bit more motivation in the morning, check out . Video blogger Simone Giertz wired an alarm clock and rigged it with a Halloween prop arm. That’s right, the alarm clock will literally slap you in the face until you wake up. Finally, a product that speaks to my needs!