Beyonce’s Stunning Pregnancy Announcement Bra Can Be Yours for $130

There are three things you're bound to think within three seconds of spotting Beyoncé's pregnancy announcement on Instagram:

1. Oh-my-golly-goodness-gosh, Queen Bey is pregnant.


3. Where can I get that bra?

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Well, dear friends, you are in luck because we've tracked down where you can get your hands on the burgundy beauty that we've all fallen "Crazy In Love" with.

The 35-year-old singer is wearing the Lorna scalloped embroidered tulle underwired bra by Agent Provocateur, which you can buy here.


~~~ ADD TO CART ~~~ (Image via Net-A-Porter)
~~~ ADD TO CART ~~~ (Image via Net-A-Porter)

It's made from sheer burgundy tulle and is framed with "chic scalloped edging." Oh, and there are little satin bows and rosebuds because a) why not and b) stop questioning Beyoncé, ok?

It retails for $130, which, to be honest, is a small price to pay to get a bit of Queen Bey flawlessness in your closet.

There's one bit of bad news, though: it's currently either sold out or super low in stock, but THANKS TO THE POWERS OF BEYONCÉ, we're pretty sure it will be back on those (virtual) shelves in no time and ready for you to click 'add to cart'.

Listen: Ever heard of boob thrush? It’s the very good reason why you should wash your bra more often.

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