Blake Lively Teaches Us How To Mix Patterns Without Looking Insane

The days of matching are long gone.

Blake Lively recently stepped out in New York City, rocking not one, not two, but three different patterns at one time—and yet, still looked incredible.

(Not to mention the fact that she was also rocking two coats at the same time...? We'll address that some other time.)

She looked amazing, and somehow not at all chaotic, despite her varying prints. Check it:

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In real life, pattern mixing is a bit of a bear. How do you do it without looking like you got dressed in the dark, or like you were struck with a sudden bout of color blindness?

As Lively learned us this week, the only way to conquer our fear is to just dive right in—mix and match until you find things that work visually and eventually it'll come naturally.


Here are some ways you can get started mixing patterns of your own, a la Lady Lively:

Mix black & white patterns

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If you're new at pattern mixing or a little apprehensive about it, mixing black and white patterns can be a not-so-terrifying way to get started.

It's classic and simple, with a twist.

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Stick with the same color family

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If you're unsure about what patterns will work together, try sticking to one color family and pulling patterns within those.

Try a bright, colorful mix of pastels or combine patterns with flecks of one color throughout.

It'll create an eclectic, yet put together look.

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Mix different colors of the same pattern

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Lumberjack chic is a thing. We think.

If you can't get enough plaid, why not wear a bunch of different tartans at once? It's the ultimate way to stay cozy this winter, while still maintaining your personal style.