Blue Ivy Has Been Dressing Up As Celebrities Forever. Who's Next?

At last night's Grammy Awards, Beyoncé, of course, looked as close to perfection as a human possibly can.

Jay didn't look too shabby either.

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But of course, the real star of the show was Blue Ivy—and with parents like Jay and Bey, are we surprised?

The couple dressed their soon-to-be older sibling in a pink tux with a ruffled collar—a clear nod to the late legend, Prince.

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This is hardly the first time Blue's outfits have honored the greats who have came before. This past Halloween, Beyoncé paid tribute to the 90s hip-hop trio Salt-N-Pepa with her costume, joined by her mother, Tina, and Blue.


The year before that, the family dressed as characters from Eddie Murphy's film Coming to America, which seemed to get a big thumbs up from Bey's little one.

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Blue Ivy dressed as another male pop legend, the late Michael Jackson, back in 2014—complete with red jacket, sunglasses, hat and star attitude to match.

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Who will Beyoncé and Jay Z dress Blue up as next? Here are some of our guesses:

In keeping with the late legend tradition, perhaps a David Bowie costume is in the future? (Tip to Beyoncé and Jay: Consult with Gaga on that one.)

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Or maybe Mariah Carey, since Bey and Carey's kids are besties.

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Our most likely guess? Bey herself. After all, it would be quite easy for Blue to dress up as her mom, considering the fact that they have identical faces.

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Only time will tell.