Mariah and Beyoncé's Kids Are Friends, and There's Glorious Photo Proof

This week, Mariah Carey and Beyoncé fulfilled all our fan fiction dreams and introduced their children for a Christmas playdate.

"Backstage at Christmas time with our beautiful children," Mariah captioned my favorite photo of the whole year, taken at her "All I Want for Christmas Is You" concert in New York City on Monday night.

There's almost too much here to process. But it's not going to stop me trying.

  1. The Mariah and Beyoncé friendship continues, with the most outrageously good outfits possible. They are the yin and yang of glamor.
  2. All these children are somehow exactly the same height.
  3. What wonderful red-accented outfits.
  4. Why does Blue Ivy have a giant red fan?
  5. Blue Ivy is cooler than you or I will ever be.
  6. Who is that mystery child?
  7. How often, exactly, do these guys all hang out?
  8. Can you imagine their conversation?

Moroccan, five: "Oh, hello. My mom is a giant, sparkly diamond!"

Blue Ivy, four: "Really? My mom is the queen of the night and also a black silk cowboy."

Monroe, five: "Cool! Blue Ivy, I like your very enormous fan."

Blue Ivy: "Oh that, I don't even know where it's from."

Mystery girl, age unknown: "It's the one Monroe and Moroccan got from Santa when they were onstage together!"

Blue Ivy: "Another day, another gigantic fan—it's hard to keep track."

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The benefit of being Mariah's kids is that you get to meet Beyoncé's kid. Oh, and Santa.

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The benefit of being Mariah (and oh, think of the many, many benefits) is that you get to meet Beyoncé.

And be her friend.

"Next time we are in New York let's go get our favorite treats," Mimi captioned her birthday post to Queen Bey in September this year.

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And somehow become part of this gang. And if it means being adopted by either Queen of the Universe, I'm fine with that. Sorry, parents.