Celebrities Dressing as Other Celebrities Is the Best Thing About October

When it comes to Halloween costumes, originality counts.

Everyone loves a good pop-culture reference, so dressing up as your favorite celebrity is a given. But it's not just us common folk who like to dress up as our famous counterparts.

Turns out, so do other celebrities.

1. Beyonce and Blue Ivy channel Janet and the late Michael Jackson

Every detail is in place, right down to the white glove.

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

2. Paris Hilton as Miley Cyrus

Turns out, dressing as Miley in 2013 was a very popular thing to do.

A photo posted by Paris Hilton (@parishilton) on

3. Kim Kardashian and the gang dressed up as fashion's royal family

A perfect interpretation of Anna Wintour, , Karl Lagerfeld and André Leon Talley.

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

4. Katy Perry as Freddy Mercury

Those teeth, though.

5. Aziz Ansari as The WEEKND

Does wearing just a wig count as a costume? We'll let this slide, Aziz.

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6. Nina Dobrev and her friends dressed up as the Spice Girls

Spice, spice, baby.

A photo posted by Nina Dobrev (@ninadobrev) on

7. Miranda Kerr in this Marilyn Monroe costume

Because going classic is always a good idea.

A photo posted by Miranda (@mirandakerr) on

The bar has been set for this year—get your Instagram follows ready.