Inside the Tangled Web of Celebrity Friends Who Have Dated the Same Person

The world is a very big place. Except if you're a famous celebrity, then it's really very small.

For that reason, even the best of friends end up pulling from the same pool and dating the same person.

Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston

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Bullock and Aniston were both engaged to actor Tate Donovan in the early 90s. Now they go skiing together...sans Donovan.

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox

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Aniston and Cox both dated Counting Crows frontman and human pineapple Adam Duritz in two of the most could-only-happen-in-the 90's relationships of all time. And as we all know, they were on the show Friends and they're friends in real life.

Courteney Cox and Drew Barrymore

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Cox and Barrymore both dated their Scream co-star David Arquette. Barrymore for about as long as she was in the movie, Cox eventually married and divorced him.

Drew Barrymore and Gwyneth Paltrow

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Barrymore and pal Paltrow both dated Luke Wilson back in the day but I doubt they're talking about him while .

Okay, get ready, cause the next bit is complicated:

Owen Wilson and Lance Armstrong

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Luke Wilson's brother Owen Wilson and disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong both dated Sheryl Crow.

...and Kate Hudson.

Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz

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Hudson and Diaz both dated Justin Timberlake.

...and Alex Rodriguez.

Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez

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Diaz and her What to Expect When You're Expecting co-star Lopez both dated Diddy.

And now Lopez is allegedly dating Diaz's ex Alex Rodriguez.