Chrissy Metz to Body Shamers: 'I Wear What I Want, When I Want'

News Flash: Chrissy Metz has no time for anyone who wants to talk negatively about her or her body.

On Sunday night, the This Is Us star wore a burgundy knee-length latex dress to the MTV Movie & TV Awards, where she and co-star Milo Ventimiglia presented the award for Best Duo. Though Metz looked the right level of edgy in her dress, with its ruffled sleeves, and with her smoky eye, she still received some shaming on Twitter.


But Metz has no time for that kind of talk and sent a message to all those haters:

This is, of course, far from the first time the actress has clapped back at those who have criticized her size.

"Size doesn't equate to beauty," Metz told Marie Claire earlier this year. "I don't understand why that's a thing. Well, I do, because the media has told us thin is beautiful. But is it? Because I think people are miserable not eating and smoking cigarettes."

Amen sister.

So while it's probable Twitter trolls won't stop trolling Metz and her weight, it's equally probable that she won't stop promoting body positivity and the right to wear whatever she damn well pleases right back.

But, #thankstho.