Chrissy Teigen 'Only Started to Feel Sexy' After She Had a Baby

Every woman has thoughts and feelings about their body that don't line up with how the people around us see us. And it's nice to get a refresher that not even Victoria's Secret models are immune.

Chrissy Teigen, undeniably gorgeous, smart, hilarious, , says she never saw her body as "particularly sexual" until after she had her daughter, Luna.

"I think you just feel really feminine," she told Australian Elle Magazine.

"I always felt like a bit of a tomboy, and I never looked at my body as particularly sexual—I wasn’t a curvy girl. But to be able to see my body afterwards, and of course you get, like, hips. Finally, for the first time, I feel like I have a bit more of a womanly figure."

The interview, for Elle's January issue, also includes Teigen's first post-baby photoshoot. She looks incredible, of course.

Teigen says she feels like a fish out of water in a swimsuit. And somehow completely relatable, even though she's a swimsuit model.

"I would much rather shoot completely naked than in a swimsuit, it's just always been my thing. I've never been much of a beach girl.

"I grew up in Washington—it's freezing in that ocean. So it's out of my comfort zone, and it's the craziest thing that I'm probably most known for Sports Illustrated, when that’s how I feel the most uncomfortable."

Being good at something, whether it's sexy beach shoots in tiny bikinis or playing the piano, doesn't mean you are always going to enjoy it. But Teigen sets a great example, because she's not complaining, she's just honest.

Totally, endearingly, wonderfully honest.

She also took the Elle 'Mystery Box' challenge where she had to answer as many questions as possible in a very short amount of time.

Some stuff we learnt:

Her favorite drink is a vodka soda, and she has one before bed.

She hates the Twitter account , which makes a lot of sense when you consider the best present she has given her husband John Legend is a deep fryer.

And the advice she would give her 20-year-old self? "Don't worry so much."

Amen to that.