You Need to Start Following Chrissy Teigen on Social Media

You should really get around Chrissy Teigen's Twitter. And her Instagram. And her Snapchat. She's so much more than just a beautiful person with a perfect husband and ridiculously cute child. Teigen is a purveyor of truth, a pioneer in the tricky art of making celebrities appear relatable.

She slams Donald Trump, creates public polls about what to eat for dinner, and gives us greater life advice than even our own mothers.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Behold, just a few of the magnificent moments Teigen has been her savage, on-point, candid, self. She's the realest celebrity mom in the game.

1. When she reacted like any normal person would to this horrific organization of coat-hangers.

2. When she expressed all our feelings about this election year.

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3. Anyone who doesn’t have a butt (you know the kind we mean), can relate to this.

4. When she summed up how we all feel about cooking.

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5. When she dished out this solid life advice.

 6. Admit it. You’ve done this on every vacation you’ve ever taken.

7. When she pointed out that no one is actually “candid” in those candid Instagrams.

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8. And asked her Twitter followers to vote whether she should eat crepes or a sandwich.

(And chose a sandwich.)

9. When she held nothing back with this savage Donald Trump tweet.

 10. When she made us all get empathy cramps (and maybe rethink buying cheap clothes).

 11. When she owned the fact Twitter is just a place where she thinks out loud.

 12. The time she couldn’t care less about people watching her dance.

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 13. And sent Trump the best birthday message possible.

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 14. Chrissy is just like youshe can't handle how gross Snapchat face swap is.

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 15. And she thinks the word “superfood” is kind of ridiculous.

 16. She made this very substantial life decision based on Beyoncé.

 17. An then she showed off her stretch marks on Snapchat and made us love her even more.


Never change, Chrissy.