Clear Coffee Is Here and Everyone Is Understandably Intrigued

If the scary teeth-whitening hacks you're seeing around the internet don't really do it for you, never fear: Clear coffee is officially here.

And yeah, it's kind of odd that it exists.

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The coffee is made from high-quality Arabica beans and looks uncannily like a bottle of designer water—a nice placebo for anyone who's stressed they don't hydrate enough.

The guys responsible for thistwo dudes who clearly had too much time on their handsare David and Adam Nagy, two Slovakian brothers who too enjoy an excessive amount of caffeine.

Their obsession with the breakfast (and lunch, and dinner sometimes) drink was causing an all-too-familiar plight: an off-putting yellow stain on the teeth.

Enter: clear coffee.

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The Nagys are keeping their process and recipe secret for now, but say the drink is free of any artificial flavors, preservatives, sugars and sweeteners.

But like any healthy food item, it comes at a steep price—£5.99 for a two-pack ($US7.50)and it doesn't currently ship to the United States.

In other words, you might just have to try that teeth whitening hack after all.