Finally! Detachable Cut Out Jeans Guaranteed to Disappoint Your Parents

Where once the flare ruled supreme, the skinny jean now sits atop the denim throne. But, there are other styles like the boyfriend, or the kick-flare, lurking in the wings just waiting to steal the crown.

And while trends for jeans may come and go, one thing is certain, no one wants to wear a detachable short-diaper/jean hybrid.

Image via Opening Ceremony

In the grand tradition of the Balenciaga Jnco jeans and the Top Shop plastic jeans, Opening Ceremony's Y-Project "Detachable Cut Out Front Jeans" are the jeans for the woman who wants the world to look at her and think, "maybe it is possible to have too much money."

When worn as "pants", the two-in-one item features a straight leg silhouette in a five-pocket-style with amazing ventilation for your lady bits.

Image via Opening Ceremony

But, remove the legs of the pants, which are attached by buttons conveniently placed near your vagina, and voila, you now have a five-pocket-style diaper.

Image via Opening Ceremony

While hardly the first of its kind—zip-off convertible pants were a mainstay of every middle school boys wardrobe in the late 90s—Y-Project's detachable jeans do have one thing that's different.

The price.

The Detachable Cut Out Front Jeans retail for $425. A small price to pay for the opportunity to make your parents really take the time to think about where they went wrong with you.

But if the diaper look isn't quite your style don't worry, Y-Project and Opening Ceremony have you covered.

Do you want less visible under butt and more visible side thigh? There's a detachable jean for that!

Image via Opening Ceremony
Image via Opening Ceremony

Y-Project's Detachable Cut Out Side Jeans are you $460 dream.

Do you want to forgo the short aspect completely? There's a, well I'm not sure if it still qualifies as detachable, jean for that!

Image via Opening Ceremony

Y-Project's Garter Strap Jeans are $505 and what they lack in function they more than make up for in impracticality and sheer lunacy.


So this summer, while you may be tempted to wear either a pair of unflattering pants or a pair of unflattering shorts, remember, it's possible to wear unflattering everything at once.

It may not be attractive but it's sure as hell possible.