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Celebrities Tell Stories About Their Embarrassing Parents

When I was a kid my parents told me that my name was not actually Sara Nachlis. It was actually Patchie Kickalatchie Nachaloochie. I would scream and cry that my name was Sara and they wouldn’t budge. They would just laugh and insist that I was born Patchie Kickalatchie Nachaloochie. To this day my mother calls me Patchie every so often…in public. It’s incredibly embarrassing, but it’s comforting to know that all parents are embarrassing. It’s the great equalizer. Vanity Fair put together a "Stars, They’re Just Like Us!" style video on the subject and it’s a real treat.

Vanity Fair asks a myriad of stars a question submitted by Reddit user Theonewhoclocks. He or she asks, “What’s something your parents did when you were a kid that you didn’t realize was weird until you grew up?”

All the answers are great but here are some highlights: Chloe Sevigny’s mother breastfed her until she was three and a half. Silicon Valley star Thomas Middleditch jokes, “there was a fair amount of nudity in my house…but I still don’t think that’s weird, I think it’s cool.” Bryce Dallas Howard thinks it’s weird that her parents named their children after the place they were conceived. Kathryn Hahn’s sent her a carton of cigarettes while she was in college.

all parents are embarrassing

Some answers are just plain weird, like Ellen Page’s parents ordering salad at fast food restaurants. Some are a little terrifying: Adam Pally’s father used to make Adam and his siblings listen to lobsters die in the pot as he was cooking them.

A common thread was not being prepared for what is considered normal in the everyday world. Jenny Slate didn’t know it was normal to go the bathroom with the door closed. She says, “that’s a tough one to learn at school.” Greta Gerwig says, “They told me the ice cream truck was the community service music truck, which I believed until I was 15 years old.”

I guess being called Patchie isn’t so bad after all.

Bonus info: According to The Telegraph, “Dad dancing, public displays of affection and using youth slang are the most embarrassing things parents do to make their children cringe.”