Ten Simple Ways You Can Feng Shui Your Bedroom

I’m a big believer in feng shui. Years ago, I bought Karen Rauch Carter’s book Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life and it had a tremendous impact on me. Rauch Carter’s concept of feng shui followed the traditional concept, which is that it is a system that details arrangement and orientation of your space in relation to the flow of energy. For years, I’ve placed furniture based on what I learned from Rauch Carter’s book—but it’s more than just placing furniture or placing colors. It’s also about allowing energy to have flow in your space. Allowing your space to breathe.

In this feng shui series from Vogue, we go a slideshow of ways to feng shui your bedroom and they’re fairly simple. The first is to “place your bed at the furthest point of the room—it should face the door but not be in line with it.” And I’m like, "oy," because my bed is not only right next to the door, but it’s on the same wall as the door. The way my bedroom is set up, there’s no other good place for it.

feng shui your home

If you’re like me and your bed doesn’t have good placement, no fear. There are other feng shui tips. (Right?) Moving forward. How about warm tones, like cream peach and tan? Are you using those calming colors in your bedroom? I have white sheets, a white comforter and I use China white from Benjamin Moore on my walls, so I think I’m doing well in the color department. Phew.

The next tip is to “Create balance and symmetry by accessorizing in pairs.” This is good! I have a lot of pairs. I have two wall sconces that match. I have two bedside tables that match. (One is falling apart, okay, they’re both falling apart which is not very feng shui, yet they match!) The fifth card on the slideshow is telling us to use scented candles, because they “clear energy, and also create a very warm and healing atmosphere.” I don’t have any candles in my bedroom—do you? I should change this ASAP.

Whatever feng shui currency I had up until this point is just down the drain, because the next slide says no TV’s in the bedroom. It’s a no-no in feng shui world. Except I have a TV in my bedroom and I love it. I love snuggling in bed with my husband and watching a show at night. I love snuggling in bed with my kids to watch a movie. The bedroom should be a place of rest and contemplation, but this tip, I’m going to have to ignore. “Avoid bedroom mirrors” is next on the list—this is a tough one! I have a bedroom mirror, though it’s not a great mirror... and not really well placed. Maybe I can replace it with art. Okay, what’s next? Move your laundry out of site. Like most people, I have a “laundry chair” where all of my clean clothes sit until I find the time, or care enough, to put them away.

In the end, I’m a lot less feng shui-ed than I expected. But that’s okay, because when following feng shui ideas, there’s always room for more new energy to enter your life.