Fun Feminist Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now

Instagram can be the perfect distraction from a busy train car, the wait for a dinner date, or even a dull meeting (no judgment here).

Countless amazing women are doing very cool stuff over there—sharing interesting art and great fashion, telling stories, and throwing in some very solid humor. Sometimes though, it's hard to sift through all the crap and find the accounts worth following.

Instagram shouldn't feel like work. Neither should supporting other women. So here are the women making feminism fun on your favorite time-vacuum.


Rupi Kaur is a feminist poet. The poems she shares are so relatable, you kind of want to tattoo them all over your body.

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Your own body, obviously.


An account dedicated to calling out creepy guys on dating apps. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and then go and tag every friend who's ever been on Tinder.

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This Melbourne artist discusses feminism and nails that whole thing of being a woman in funny and quirky drawings. Get ready to go down the rabbit hole.

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Orange is the New Black's Laverne Cox uses her famous Instagram to promote trans rights. Now she's getting ready to star in the remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show—get ready for some crazy fun posts.

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The Slay by Mic says its mission is, "Shutting down sexism with every post." We will be there to like every single one of said posts. Especially when they feature women like this.

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From the genius mind of Amy Poehler comes a Instagram perfect for any budding feminist in your life. It celebrates women and women-to-be, dishing inspiration on a reliable daily basis.

Show your kids, your nieces, your nephews, your nephew's neighbors, your nephew's-neighbors' dog. Show everybody.

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This post is music to my pizza-loving ears. The rest of the account is pretty great, too.

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Gorgeously colored art about feminism, mental health and being a woman. And très relatable at all times.

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From pictures of Beyoncé to social justice memes, Feminist Voice is a go-to for your daily feminist fix.

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This account highlights amazing feminist graffiti around the world. Wanderlust and lady power have never looked so good together.

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An entire account dedicated to ladies who fight the power by rocking armpit hair. I think this one speaks for itself.

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Girl Boss is curated by best-selling author Sophia Amoruso (of the book of the same name, and founder of Nasty Gal), full of inspirational quotes to get you through another day of double x chromosomes.

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