'Girls' Star Zosia Mamet Wore a Black Dress and Flats to Her Wedding

On Girls, actress Zosia Mamet plays Shoshanna, who seems to be constantly dressed in pink frilly things.

For her own real-life wedding, she wore basically the opposite outfit: a simple black dress, and flats.

She married actor Evan Jonigkeit, whom she met working on a play.

"Our characters were engaged," , which has more photos of the simple, beautiful wedding. "We dated secretly for a good portion of the production, which was incredibly romantic."

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Mamet had never given her wedding day much thought before planning for the actual event, but told Vogue she wanted to steer clear of anything too traditional. "Beyond that, I wasn’t sure."

So her friends took her shopping one Sunday, and made her try on every dress she liked. "I felt a bit like a little girl sneaking into my mother's closet. We must have tried on 40 dresses. I wanted something comfortable, and I didn’t really want to wear white."

The last one she tried was a mid-length Givenchy—with long, clinging sleeves that highlight a plunging neckline. And to offset the simple drama of the dress, she went with Brother Vellies flats.

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The outfit was special; not only did Mamet look beautiful, she felt like herself. It looks like the kind of dress you'd never want to take off—and to be honest, you wouldn't have to. It's a very strong case for dinnerwear as weddingwear.

But as she told Vogue, however nice the details were, nothing compared to the day itself. 

"I was marrying the love of my life. I felt like I was floating—everything else was just icing.”

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