We Need to Talk About This Very Wonderful Mariah Carey Picture

Mariah Carey just posted a bath selfie, wearing diamonds, bubbles, and nothing else.

Of course she did.

Oh Mariah, you glorious, glorious unicorn.

Dripping in priceless jewels, and also in actual drips, you redefine the good life in its original form. Your "bubbly times selfie" is everything.

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Because the good life doesn't actually get more, well, good, than frolicking in a big marble basin—especially if you have a helpful photographer there to capture those longer angles you can't do justice to at arm's length.

Really, what else do you need to be happy? Blinged-out choker (and earrings, and cuff, and bangle, and surely at least a few toe rings), bubbles, hot water, and there's a pretty decent-looking fluffy white towel in the background there, too.

Sometimes, we get it twisted—but Mariah's always here to bring us back to our roots. Aspiration doesn't look like a six-pack and a kale smoothie. Aspiration looks like diamonds in the bath.

A photo posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

In the trailer for her upcoming reality show, Mariah's World, Mimi insists she's just like us. "I'm not a Cinderella. My life has not been a fairytale."

Which is funny, because most people's idea of Cinderella is exactly diamonds in a bath.

But you want to hope she's right. Because a world in which we all unwind languorously in our diamonds and suds after a hard day making multi-octave hits at the studio is a glorious world—a world where things are going very, very right.


"You guys are living for this footage," she says at the end of this clip (you have to wait until December 8th for the full deal). And she's right, kind of.

Mariah Carey, we are living for you.