The Life-Changing Magic of Haircuts Is Real

We are all familiar with the post-haircut feeling. A trim and a bit of hairspray, and all of a sudden you're overwhelmed with the certainty that you could single-handedly cure world hunger or convince George Clooney to leave Amal for you with one glance.

Don't even get me started on a blowout. As Zooey Deschanel's character Jessica Day accurately points out on New Girl, they are necessary since "It's impossible to make your own hair look amazing".

Personally, I think haircuts and blowouts are capable of bringing us unparalleled joy for a number of reasons.

They can be a source of relief after a particularly difficult time, a fresh start, or just a much needed confidence boost. The whole 'breakup haircut' idea (in which women drastically chop their hair after ending a relationship) is a very real thing. Sometimes you need a positive physical change in order to remind yourself that other changes within your life are for the best.

I asked my female friends to explain their experiences with haircuts and they did not hold back on the love.

"I love how I feel when I get my hair cut! It's almost like a cleansing experience. You get all that dead weight off and it just feels so much healthier, and therefore you feel better and you just feel like you could conquer the world."—Hannah

"I shaved my hair off last summer (well half of it), and I feel like a friggin' QUEEN!!! Most liberating thing I have ever done. (And has saved me a shit ton of money on hair products)."—Sarah

"I've chopped my long hair all off twice now to a cute pixie cut. The first time I did it...I was elated! I'd never felt more me! I wasn't hiding behind my hair anymore and found new ways to be feminine while rocking the Anne Hathaway pixie before she did."—Katelyn

Proof that chopping off your hair, while a seemingly superficial thing, can seriously translate spiritually and emotionally.

A haircut can serve as an important reminder that you can start fresh, and you can let go of whatever it is that was holding you back (even if that's just some dead ends).