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6 Hair Hacks From the People That Know...The Stylists

When we're sick, we don't take advice on treatment from just anyone. No, we trust our doctors. When we need help with out taxes, we don't trust just some guy on the internet. No, we look for the advice of an accountant. So, it makes sense that if we're looking for hair advice we'd go to the experts.

In our video, we've put together six hair hacks for tackling even your worst hair days from the people who know best, hairstylists!

Thankfully, these tips prove that you don't need to have all the products your stylist has in the salon in order to look your best. There are actually a lot of products you probably already have in your house that can pull double duty and help tame your mane.

Those sugar packets you stole from Starbucks can help when you're coloring your hair. The aquaphor that saved your skin from entering Saharan Desert territory all winter can help to tame fly aways all year long.

Think of these tips as a WebMD of sorts. You have a problem so you're looking on the internet to get an idea of what it is to avoid a possibly unneeded trip to the doctor. But unlike WebMD, our video won't make you think you're dying or have a latent case of phantom limb syndrome.

Tomorrow's going to be a great hair day!