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An Animated Love Story Where No One Dies

I didn't see the Disney/Pixar movie Up right away. There were a few weeks of everyone saying it was amazing and telling me I had to go right that instant. People went on and on about how the first 10 minutes were amazing and were going to make me cry. When I finally saw the movie, I did more than cry. I sobbed. I sobbed so much that I think I missed a lot of the movie. They had such a great life together and then all of a sudden he was alone. It's a nightmare! Why would anyone like that? I haven't seen the movie since.

Carlos Lascano's A Short Love Story In Stop Motion is much more my style. An entire love story, from meeting as children to having their own children to growing old together, is told in about three minutes. Best of all, no one dies! I like my animated love story characters like I like my men. Alive.

The video shows a young girl sitting at her desk in a classroom and daydreaming about the life she wants with the young boy the next row over. The subject matter is very sweet and simple but it's the animation that's really amazing. Lascano creates an entire world full of color and texture that allows a sweet story to feel huge and important.

I enjoy a good cry. In fact just the other night my boyfriend caught me crying on the couch because I was watching a YouTube compilation of fathers crying when they found out they were going to be grandparents. You know, like you do. But sometimes all I really want is to see a no-drama, happy ending and that's what Carlos Lascano's video is.

Bonus info: To see images for the making of A Short Love Story In Stop Motion check out Carlos Lascano's post on the making of the video on his website.