How to Deal With Holiday-Induced Anxiety

The holidays are meant to be a time of thoughtfulness and relaxation, but for many, the activities that accompany them are extremely anxiety-inducing.

Extended periods of time socializing at gatherings, fending off crowds of shoppers, and facing any sort of family tensions that may exist can take a serious toll on anyone, not just a person who struggles with their mental health.

Luckily, the holidays are temporary, and therefore so is the associated anxiety. But until January 2 rolls around, there are to ease some of the stress.

Eat well

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Stress can take a negative toll on eating habits, but it's important to eat too much or too little, and definitely not to skip meals all together.

Despite the array of cookies and pies that will likely be everywhere, maintaining a balanced diet is an important factor in managing stress.

Bring a friend

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The social aspect of the holidays can be overwhelming, but you don't have to go it alone. Bringing a friend to a holiday dinner or event can take some of the pressure off, either of socializing or possible family confrontations.

Don't immediately turn to alcohol

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Jokes about drinking to get through the holidays are common, but in reality, relying on booze to get through anything is never good, even if it's not a diagnosed addiction.

The after effects of too much alcohol intake will likely just make things worse.

Take time for yourself

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There might be pressure to spend your entire holiday going from activity to activity, but be wary of stretching yourself too thin. There's no shame in taking a night off for yourself when you need one, or even just escaping from the party for a bit of air.

Holidays and stress seem to be synonymous—and it's understandable why. Aside from these tips, even just being mindful of anxiety can be a huge help.

Acceptance is the first step, or something like that.