It's Time to Learn to Eat More Vegetables

I love vegetables. Well, I love the idea of vegetables. I love the colors and the sound they make when you snap into them. I love the earthiness. I love the smugness I feel when “eating right." I love the idea of being the type of person who eats a lot of vegetables.

But alas, I’m the kind of person that pretends to be on the phone with someone while in line at a mall Cinnabon. “What, you want a dozen? Well, okay if you really want that…We’ll take a dozen please.”

I know I need to eat more vegetables. I even know I’ll feel better if I do. But I just can’t get into the regular habit. The biggest hurdle I face when it comes to vegetables is freshness. I cannot finish anything before it goes bad, so it feels like I’m just throwing away money... Money that could be spent on more cinnamon rolls. So, thank you, Jess Keefe, for your article on how to keep my vegetables from rotting before I can finish them.

Fresh Vegetable tips

Keefe offers five tips and strategies for getting a veggie-filled life. She recommends simple changes such as putting all your vegetables in a flat row on the top shelf of your refrigerator. She points out that when you put things in the crisper drawer you forget they’re there. And as she puts it, anything she doesn’t see “immediately upon flinging open the fridge door may as well not exist.”

Keefe also suggests going to the grocery store more than once a month. Or as she puts it: “The store is like three blocks away, you lazy moron."

Bonus info: I looked up the ingredients of Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll and there’s something called “vegetable mono and diglycerides”. So it looks like I’m actually quite healthy.