How to Get Every Last Penny's Worth Out of Your $40 Foundation

Makeup is expensive, and seems to only be climbing in price. So when you drop an absurd amount of money on a foundation that Drew Barrymore also uses, you want to ensure you are getting the most of that product.

Unfortunately, makeup packaging tends to make it difficult to actually allow you to use every last drop. It's irritating, but there area variety of helpful hacks out there to prevent wasting any pricey cosmetics.

Cut open the tube

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If the product is in a plastic container or tube, make sure nothing is wasted by cutting it in half and scooping the remaining product out. If you'll be using the cut open tube again, store it in a plastic baggie so it doesn't try out before your next use.

Submerge glass tubes in hot water

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When running low on concealers that come in glass tubes, submerge in a glass of warm water for a few minutes. The product will pool at the bottom so that the wand is able to reach every last bit.

Mix a moisturizer

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To maximize last of your foundation, mix a few drops with your favorite face cream for a DIY tinted moisturizer. The mixture will obviously be a lighter coverage than your foundation would provide on its own, but you can always supplement with concealer if needed.

So, feel free to get a little spend-y with your makeup once in a while. There are plenty of ways to ensure that you're getting every penny's worth.

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