How to Wear Pink Like a Grown-Ass Woman

Pink is such a loaded color. It's generally a love/hate shade: you love it when you're little, because it's beautiful. Then, as you get older, you swing back the other way for exactly the same reason: beautiful = girly. And girly = not serious.

But pink is back, and it's not girly anymore. The Cut's Véronqiue Hyland has written about the rise of "not-pink pink"—whether it's nostalgia for our childhood faves, or we're embracing some kind of fashion irony, pink is now a color for serious women.

It doesn't hurt that it's also very flattering. From dusky pastels to deeper salmon shades, it's easy to find a shade that works for you and brings out all the warmth in your skin. For now at least, pink is here to stay. Here are five ways to embrace it.

1. A coat

Keep your palette as tough as you like underneath (read: all black), and drape yourself in the color of 2016 like it's an afterthought.

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Especially when paired with darker tones, this kind of pale pink seems more like a neutral basic than a statement piece. And you can wear it over your dressier evening pieces as a beautiful way to stay warm.

Zara double breasted coat, $149 (Image via Zara)
Zara double breasted coat, $149 (Image via Zara)

2. Shoes

Sure, it doesn't immediately seem like the most practical color for footwear. But think about the other shoes in your wardrobe (white sneakers, anyone?).

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Pink shoes are an easy way to lift a basic combo into something surprising. Zara is combining four current trends in this pair: a kitten heel (perfect for dressing up jeans), high v-cut, '90s suede, and, well, pink. And all for under $100.

Zara suede mid heel shoes, $89.90 (Image via Zara)
Zara suede mid heel shoes, $89.90 (Image via Zara)

3. A blouse

This shot from the Ryan Roche show at New York Fashion Week says it best: If you can't find a pink top that works for you, you probably just aren't looking hard enough.

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High necks and interesting draping keep these from looking too whimsical—but don't be scared to get feminine. Ruffles, silk, flared sleeves...why not go all out?

Topshop ruffle wrap long sleeve blouse, $65 (Image via Topshop)
Topshop ruffle wrap long sleeve blouse, $65 (Image via Topshop)

4. A sweater

Hell, make it a fluffy one. Like Natasha Kinski in Paris, Texas, but less tramuatized by unsettling family circumstances.

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By rights, a fluffy pink sweater should look sweet. But with messy hair (and maybe some eyeline, BYO brooding stare), it looks anything but. And yes, this is another Zara number. These guys know how to do current, without making it prohibitively pricey.

Zara limited edition mohair sweater, $99.90 (Image via Zara)
Zara limited edition mohair sweater, $99.90 (Image via Zara)

5. A bag

That said, if you want to treat yourself (of course you do!), you can go for the piece that started it all. Mansur Gavriel's Bucket Bag has been the it-bag of choice for a few seasons now, and with copycat versions popping up everywhere, it's safe to say it's not going anywhere.

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Think of a bag as portable pink, which gives you the option of keeping the rest of your outfit more low-key.

If you don't want to splurge on the full-size bag, you can invest in the mini version:

Camello Mini Mini in rosa, $395 (Image via Mansur Gavriel)
Camello Mini Mini in rosa, $395 (Image via Mansur Gavriel)