See Inside the Obamas' Private Quarters in the White House

We know the Obamas have style. Especially Michelle.  And Barack. And Malia. And Sasha.  . Okay fine, all of them.

But if you need more proof of just how stylish they are, behold the Obamas' private quarters in the White House.

Architectural Digest was given a peek behind the velvet rope. The rooms, decorated by Michael S. Smith, are fresh, modern, colorful and fun—while still maintaining all the history that's part and parcel of living in the White House.

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Particularly eye-catching is the common thread of green hues that run through the rooms.

It is the art, predominately from the 20th and 21st century, that does a lot of the work here, refreshing spaces with a heavy historical burden.

But the Obamas have managed to skillfully weave old and new together, resulting in some pretty breathtaking rooms.

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The Old Family Dining Room, where the Obamas host large dinners such as their Passover Seder dinner, has a decidedly neutral, old-school feel—but the modern art on the walls by Robert Rauschenberg (left), and Alma Thomas (centre),  brings us back to the present.

The Old Family Dining Room. Photo: Pete Souza/The White House
The Old Family Dining Room. Photo: Pete Souza/The White House

And the Family Dining Room—which you can see in the video below—is just gorgeous, with striped Jasper fabric on the walls and late-1960s Robert Mangold artworks.

Michelle Obama told Architectural Digest the decor is a reflection of the family, and the building's history, thanks in large part to Smith.

"Because of Michael Smith, the private residence of the White House has not only reflected our taste but also upheld the proud history of this building. Above all, it has truly felt like a home for our family," she said.

Melissa Winter, Senior Adviser to Michelle Obama, told Architectural Digest the First Lady's top priority after the 2008 election was getting Malia, Sasha, and her mother Marian's rooms set up.

“The most important thing was ensuring the comfort and happiness of her family.”

Look, they've done such a good job with it, seems a shame to make them move out