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Irish Grandma Plays Prank. Makes Our Day.

An 81-year-old grandmother named Olive Smyth pulls a classic prank while visiting her old neighborhood.

Ah, I love this. Smyth is a perfect reminder that you’re never too old to have fun. Her son Mark filmed her visiting her old hometown of Dublin and encouraged her to pull the classic “ding dong ditch” prank, which was later published on Mashable.

Never too old to have fun

The video, though short, perfectly captures the incident as well as the fit of giggles she breaks into as she runs off. Olive and a partner in crime knock once on the door, and quickly run off. Note: Olive is still quite speedy in her old age. Even in her slippers! This adorable prank is even more heartwarming knowing that the reason for this trip was to brighten gran’s mood. Her husband (and Mark’s father) had recently died so Mark wanted his mother to have a day full of joy. They definitely accomplished just that. As nice as it is to see Olive having a bit of fun, it’s also nice knowing that a son is selfishly devoting his time to make sure his mother is okay during this time of sorrow.

It’s not known whether or not anyone actually answered the door, but I hope they did. I also hope that they heard Olive laughing in the distance. After all, who can be furious at the sound of laughter? It’s official, all I want to do when I’m 81 is the exact same thing. In fact, maybe even more-so. The more I think about it, old age is the best time to be naughty. Who is really going to get mad at someone in their 80’s placing a whoopee cushion on a chair? Whoever that person is, they’re the real monster. In other words, prank on Olive. Prank on.