Jennifer Lopez's Eight-Year-Old Daughter Looks Exactly Like Her. Exactly

It's not unusual for a daughter to look like their mother. But it is really fun to watch celebrity offspring of famous, amazing women like Katie Holmes and Reece Witherspoon go from pudgy-faced babes-in-arms to mimi-me versions of their mothers.

Thanks to Instagram, now more than ever, it's even easier to track, thanks to celebrity sharenting on Instagram. Here's another uncanny resemblace: Jennifer Lopez's eight-year-old  mini me daughter Emme Maribel Muñiz, who she shares with ex-husband Marc Anthony.

And even though Emme is eight, and Jennifer Lopez is 47, their faces are remarkably similar. (Ed's note: wait, JLo is 47?!)

Seriously, she basically has the exact same face.

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Does that stare look familiar?

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Or what about those eyes? Maybe its the smirk, or actually, it's the whole face. Her whole face looks like her mother's.

When Lopez posted this photo on her account, her followers were quick to point out how similar their faces are. Of the 4,000 comments most went something like "She looks like her mommy!!"

This isn't the first time Lopez has posted about her daughter on Instagram. They seem to be fans of snapchat filters:

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And of course some good old fashion mother-daughter time.

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And with a gene-pool like Anthony and Lopez's it's no shocker their children are soon-to-be stunners. Here's hoping for an Anthony-Lopez family band, as soon as possible. Or at least, more adorable family photos.